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I Wear Khadi

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I Wear Khadi is a self styled start-up promoting 100% Khadi apparel, accessories and corporate gifting items. I Wear Khadi presents to you the traditional Khadi in new Avtar of “Modern Indian fashion”. Handspun and hand woven, we embrace the cultural heritage of this natural fibre and put a step forward to reach out to our khadi community with a slice of fashion that breathes. With a premise of celebrating ‘handmade goodness’ and to bridge the gap between the privileged and the under-privileged this venture was launched 2 years back and with a strong belief in its cause was able to come up with various explorations and inventions in the field of khadi. The whole team of IWEARKHADI, backed by a women entrepreneur Ms. Roopika Rastogi, is dedicated to revive the ancient process of hand spinning and make it popular on a global platform.