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Vraj Bhoomi

The label brings together Indian elements to a sensibility very global in appeal. Things that strike a sense of nostalgia, elements that bring out the Boheme appeal and yet cater to a fashion forward state of mind.The label focuses on comfort, ease and thus cotton in relaxed silhouettes characterize Vraj:bhoomi. Bhoomi Dani the co-founder, graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology where she specialized in Textile design. She is the Design brain behind the brand and a true Libran who is always caught busy maintaining a perfect balance between traditional crafts and contemporary style to attain the perfect design statement which is at the core of Vraj:bhoomi. Whereas Priyam Shah, academically an aviator, and a passionate art-admirer contributes through his business acumen and astute leadership towards making Vraj:bhoomi a perfect balance of craft and commerce. “We are not selling a product; we are selling a story, The stories are truths we live by and the only roots we know!”