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Bunosilo brings you the exquisite collection of handwoven scarves, stoles, dupattas and shawls for every occasion. From Merino Wool Shawls to Soft Cotton Stoles, from Printed Scarves to Embroidered Floral Dupattas we have you all covered. The beauty of these scarves, stoles and  dupattas lie in the intricate hand-woven techniques that are employed to craft them out of soft, fine and aesthetically appealing fabrics like cotton, linen, silk organza and wool. The dupattas and scarves are embellished with exquisite hand-embroidered and hand screen printed floral motifs that are inspired from nature. They feature different floral motifs such as peonies, jasmines, orchids, thistles, roses and many more which are processed by artisans using different hand techniques of embroidery among which beadwork embroidery is most significant. The woollen shawls and handcrafted out of merino wool and Indian Wool using a hand-knitting process are highlighted with rich, natural colours.