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Sonal Kabra

Sonal Kabra Image
A postgraduate in Apparel Design and Merchandising from National Institute of Design (NID) – Ahmedabad in 2006, Sonal went on becoming the youngest NIDian to win a scholarship at Politechnico di Milano, Italy for a master’s course in Strategic Design Management. Her field trips to the villages in India got her exposed to the communities involved in crafts like embroidery, weaving, dyeing, printing and sculpting. Their workmanship inspired her. She wanted to contribute to this industry some time in future. That is when the label ‘Sonal Kabra’ was born in her mind.It was later in 2011, when she took up the challenge to bring her label into being and use her sensibilities to the fullest giving a contemporary touch to these crafts. Her debut collection featured elegant and comfortable garments crafted using the dyeing technique called Shibori which got noticed by some of the finest stores across the country. Since then, she has been retailing through exclusive stores across the country. Elle India introduced Sonal Kabra as a hot label the same year.