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Bunosilo curates traditional hand-crafts to provide to its customers an exclusive range of hand-made and crafted wooden, rot-iron and artsy furniture range.

Our beautiful hand-sculpted furniture sets, quirky book stands and shelves and romantic coffee tables with perfectly blend with your contemporary home décor.

Our Bohemian collection include artsy bean-bags, wooden arm-recliners, magazine racks, chest vanities, wine & liquor cabinets, wardrobes, dressers and storage armoires.

Our office décor include workstations and cubicles beautifully ornamented with workplace tables, office chairs, desks, drafting tables and office accessories.

Our infant sets include baby and toddler bassinet, cradles, beds, cribs and associated accessories.

Our comfortable sofas, kitchen cabinets, folding tables and wall shelves will provide are a perfect combination of comfort and style.

We also engage in offbeat furniture making like outdoor tables, activity tables, washroom furniture accessories and ledges.