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Bunosilo is a multi-vendor platform that curates an exquisite range of handcrafted products. It is a 'slow-fashion' contemporary brand, campaigning to transform today's globalized mass-oriented fashion industry.

With a blend of art and elite pick of crafts across Indian culture, we curate a luxurious ethos of tradition and heritage, styled to the quintessence of your persona.

Excluding the negative externalities of a middleman, Bunosilo initiates a direct dialogue between the maker and the consumer, adding to either party's benefit.

To develop a deeper relationship between the consumer and the product, we labour to educate our consumer of the product, the process involved in making it, the craft associated with it. This done to discourage them from The current trend of Use and Throw. This understanding of the textiles and hand processes deployed, not only is of value to the maker but also helps shift the consumer ideology to a better and sustainable alternative.

A dialogue between the consumer and the maker, helps the maker understand his preferences, likes and inclinations, who then crafts a befitting product aligned to the customer's need and requirements. This symbiosis makes both the maker and the customer beneficiaries; with the former demanding products tailored to their persona and the latter restricting production to what has been ordered.

We believe every curve is beautiful and endeavor to go beyond stereotypes of shape and size. We aim to provide Customization options for women and men of all sizes. We vouch by the motto of slow and sustainable fashion and ensure the involvement of a hand process, in the entire chain of manufacturing. We follow the practice of '1 product by 1 artisan' to support marginal designers and prevent de-skilling of artisans. All our products are tagged with the process it has followed to reach you.