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S A T A T is a rediscovery of lifestyle. A state of consciousness, about a product’s lifecycle from conception to cessation. S A T A T was built with the thought of creating a more ethical and meaningful life through making choices that are in harmony with our environment. S A T A T circles around designs that are timeless in style, seasoned craftsmanship, sustainable materials and processes that leave behind lesser carbon footprints. Our concepts bud from the ideology of products being sustainably handcrafted. S A T A T is started by designer Radhika Malhotra. Through her designs at S A T A T, she wants to make a difference. A believer, she thinks a designer can build a whole new world around that can change how people think, act and live. She believes that simplicity and minimalism brings out elegance and sophistication that reflects in our Brand Identity. We work with generations of skilled craftsmen and inculcate their experience and perspective into our designs to keep the traditional touch intact. At S A T A T, style is intensified with the higher feeling of making a choice that fits in the holistic approach towards life. Through such lifestyle choices one can create a version of the world that sustains.