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Linchpins Design

At Linchpins, we aspire to challenge this common belief through innovative and exuberant designer products in steel. We design and develop Lifestyle products for Home Décor, Corporate and Festive Gifting, Home Interiors and much more. Our design studio was set up in October 2017 in the Steel City of India, Jamshedpur. The backdrop of the pioneer Steel manufacturing hub of India and the glimpse of red hot metal in the blast furnaces, led to the inception of this venture. It truly acts as a great inspiration to achieve a confluence of Traditional with Contemporary art forms. Charu, an industrial designer and architect by profession, is the heart and soul behind Linchpins Design Studio. Having specialized from SPA Delhi, a premier institute in architecture and design in India, she has worked with leading design firms in India and played active role in design development of varied range of products like luminaires, home décor and interior designs.