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Chokhi Chhori

Chokhi Chhori Image
The name chokhi chorri, is derived from a marwari word mean beautiful women. The brand is not about certain age or season, it is about an individual to afopt the style they prefer. We believe in comforatble and easy to wear silhouettes. We mostly use handlooms and hand made products with an aesthetic of embroidery and certain crafts of india. It is started by designer Ankita Agarwal.Ankita agarwal, head designer and founder is a nift graduate(bangalore). She believes that fashion is that style which an invidual adopts for who they are. Comfortable and easy to wear always suited her language. She was always connected to her roots and had huge fascination on handlooms and handmade products which lead to chokhi chorri( name given to me by my grandmom) Each emotion has its own charm and we mould that emotion into suitable clothing to bring out the real beautiful you.