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Aparajita Toor

The creations by Aprajita Toor were born out of a desire to create unique and expressive wearables for women. In 2012, she set out to find the perfect Indian Sandals. With the best artisans hidden in the smaller towns of the country, her search helped her rediscover the vibrant colours that were symbolic of the Indian attire. To give these colours and the fine artistry that was symbolic of a rich Indian heritage an outlet into the world, the brand Aprajita Toor was created. Today, 6 years into the business, the brand has helped shoe thousands of feet and has a wide range across categories in footwear, bags, and accessories. The offices and manufacturing unit based out of Mumbai are eco-friendly and provide an environment where the work is driven by creativity. Throughout her journey one thing has remained constant – the need to help women express themselves in the best way possible.