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Woven wonder: hand tufted woollen rugs for your home

Woven Wonder: Hand tufted Woollen Rugs for Your Home

" Carpets offer a continuity between now and the past."


The journey of a rug begins with shaping the imagination of the artisans behind it. The designer's Idea gets reflected in the style, pattern and texture of the carpet or rug which makes each and every single piece unique.
The Rug Concept was founded in 2017 with the aim of revolutionizing the bespoke rug and carpet commissioning and manufacturing process. With the help and work of artisans from India; they offer us with the finest bespoke, master-crafted rugs.


Women Artisans with Rugs



The Creator’s Tale

After the start of the Soviet - Afghan War i n 1979, a number of Afghan Artisan’s immigrated to India. Thousands of Afghan  refugees t hat have been living in India have become Indian citizens.
The Artisans of the Brand


Afghan Artisan' s  works with a network of around 400 weavers in 3 states of India and takes responsibility  to bind them all  with a common thread of love and compassion.The artisans who are predominately women are equipped in the art of making traditional carpets. They are provided with sustainable livelihood which could support their families.


An eclectic experiential trip to Bhadohi through exquisite Handmade Rugs



The "Manchaha Rugs" by Sugna Devi depicts her love towards Khajoor ka Ped (palm tree). The tree reminded her of her mother's place and sweet dates which she would eat happily. When she got married she missed that tree in her husband's home which always reminded her of her childhood. Thus she weaved those tress in her rugs and named it "Khajoor ka ped".


Handwoven Rugs by Women Artisans



The Making Story

A team of skilled artisan's fuse modern and traditional processes to create this hand woven rug. The chosen design is scaled and enlarged to create a ‘graph’ of the rug which is then printed onto canvas and stretched across a frame.
Artisans Working on Rugs



Loops of naturally dyed wool, are repeatedly punched through the canvas with a ‘tufting’ gun to create the design. A latex coating referred to as the ‘scrim’ is applied to the reverse, enabling the ‘tufts’ to be held in place, then a final protective natural cotton backing is applied.
Process of Work



The top of the rug is sheared to create an even pile which is then hand carved to accentuate elements of the design for a superior finish.
Women involved in the making process




Designs and  Patterns

The collection includes a variety of artistic designs ranging from multicolor patterns to beautiful floral motifs, from traditional Persian designs to modern art. They are hand tufted, naturally dyed and  intricately hand crafted to make each and every design unique.

Various designs of rugs and carpets





Custom Made Rugs and Carpets

A custom-made rug is always  the best fit for a  room. Customers can pay for the size that they need and not the size that the manufacturer has chosen. Bunosilo allows  Afghan Artisan’s  to provide with customization facilities. The rugs are made to order and can be customized in terms of shape, color, design and size. One can choose from hundreds of designs in almost every conceivable color way.


Rugs and Carpets of Afghan Artisan's


Finally, through their bespoke service, they can translate our own designs, in any material of our choice, and also offer art silk (rayon), pure silk, bamboo silk as single materials or as blends.
Bunosilo featuring Afghan Artisan’s will provide you with the traditional hand woven, hand knotted and hand tufted rugs and carpets that will not only make your rooms look magnificent but will also tell you the beautiful story of it’s origin.



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