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Something beautiful from nothing

Something Beautiful From Nothing


Made of What? Beautiful Bags from Waste Materials. 


Imagine that the stylish bag that you are carrying on your shoulders is nothing but crafted out of waste materials and fabrics. Won’t it be unique? Well that’s what organizations like Chindi have come up with.

“Something    Beautiful   from   Nothing” is  an    innovative  idea   developed  and   projected   by  them.  Bunosilo  promotes  products  recycled from industrial  wastes  like  unused  fabrics,  leathers,  tyres etc  and  recreates some  beautiful  and  useful   items  like  bags,  toiletry kits  and  pouches from  them.


Work Process and Final Product


The  word “Chindi” has been  used  widely  by  Indian  tailors  to  describe  waste  fabrics. There  are  tons  of  waste  fabric  that  is  generated  on  a  daily basis  which  are  generally  tossed  into  the  garbage  bins.

This  brand  is  a  Mumbai  based  social  enterprise  which  started  as  a  fun project  lead  by  Tanushri  Shukla.  She  aims  to  utilize  those   waste  fabrics and  develop  a  design  firm  that  handcrafts  and  upcycles  products.  The  people  behind  the  products  are  non-other  than  women  from  Mankhud slums  Mumbai  who  passionately  work  for  the  company.


Tanushri Shukla with one of her Artisans


Diverting  Textile  waste  into  sustainable  materials  and  handcrafted products  by  collaborating  with  low  income  craftswomen  is  what   Bunosilo featured  Chindi  looks  upon. The  brand  is  guided  by  one  mission –  which  is to  come  up  with  a  design  led  solution  to  make  use  of  the  textile  and fashion  waste  and  to  re innovate  something  from  the  recycled  products. They  collaborate  with  brand  factories  and  craftspeople  to  turn  the company  into  new  material  and  products.


Materials and Final Product


Today,  the  brand  has  become  a  design  firm  working  along  with  women from  slum  who  had  nothing  to  do  with  their  knitting  and  crochet  talent. Their  talent  has  now  become  their  career  and  backbone  of  a  brand.  It tries  to  impact  other  design  houses  and  fashion  houses  to  recycle  and  reuse  their  own  waste  and  that  is  the  ultimate  aim  to  which  they  are  looking   forward  to.


Tanushri  desires  a  permanent  solution  to  manage  textile  waste  and  create  something  out  of  nothing  which  will  impact  houses  working  with  textile.


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