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Runway nagaland

Runway Nagaland

For NengneithemHengna, the brain behind Runway Nagaland, it is all about expressing with confidence and portraying hope to others. Inspired by her sister’s, she answers us in a rapid fire about our Bold and Beautiful edit. Read on to know her views.

For me, Bold and Beautiful women are those who standup for their freedom and are confident in their own self and are not intimidated by others success but become a channel for empowering others and add values.

Runway Nagaland collections’are statement pieces, they are an expression of our strength and freedom and portrayal of our creativity through the art of handmade. Each piece stands out and speaks about our values and our story of Hope.

The two ideal women in my life who inspired me to see the world through the perspective of positivity and Hope are my sisters,HoinuHengna&NeisiHengna. They taught me to exercise my freedom to express myself confidently.

Enjoy your freedom responsibly and make your success story more valuable by adding values to the lives you touched.


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