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Nurituring natural dyes

Nurituring Natural Dyes

Have you ever walked bare foot on the green grass covered with droplets of water? When was the last time you felt connected with the Mother Earth?

In the world of advancement we often miss this small little happiness which connects us to the nature. Nature has always been a giver like mother, it has given us land to live, food to eat, water to drink and raw material to survive. But there is a great healing effect of earth which can replace thousand of medicines. Almost every product which we obtain from nature always comes up with some benefits. Since ages nature has played a vital role in our life it not only provide us with the basic requirements but it also help is nurture the human life.

In search of quality life man has created a whole new world where everything is possible. The advanced science and technology has achieved anything and everything in these worlds. But instead of being so advanced the love for nature has not died, the technology is so advanced but still the man couldn’t find any substitute of natural product…Do you know why?

For thousands of year’s natural source of pigmentation such as plants and animals has been used for aesthetic hues. The first synthetic dye was discovered in 1856, with great colour variety, increased color fastness, more economical production, and greater intensity of color allowing greater color variety it quickly overtook the textile market but instead of having so many advantages of synthetic pigments, growing concerns regarding the toxicity, health effects, and environmental impact of artificial dyes have pushed man for natural product over synthetic because of its eco friendly nature, low impact on environment, nontoxic for human health and it has good colour retention, the ancient artifacts are one of the best example.

The color of textile and clothes often affect our decision to posses them or not. So far, as Indian textile is concerned it is known for its wide spectrum of bright and vibrant colures. Indians have been the pioneers of extracting colors from various natural resources mainly from plants and other nontoxic raw materials. Natural dyes are always beneficial for human health and are eco-friendly. They are safe and harmless because they are derived from plants, flowers, fruits, seeds, nuts, leaves, stem roots etc. So let’s have a quick look how natural dye effects human health.


One of the most important and popular dyes from ancient times till today. It is obtained from the leaves of Indigfera Turquoise. It imparts many medicinal effects; the indigo dyed fabric is also sedative and calming. The leaves have antibacterial, anticancer, antiviral properties. It is used internally in the treatment of a wide range of disorders, high fever, influenza and heat rash. So next time when summer approaches and your baby days out don’t worry indigo is there to heal the heat rashes.


The valuable dye pigment that gives Red Color since ages has not only have good efficiency dyeing but madder has antimicrobial activity. It has medicinal qualities as it was used anciently to remedy health problems and can still be used today. As children are delicate and less aware about the goods and bad they are more prone to infection. So madder is good way to fight back the bacteria.


Turmeric acts as a strong antibacterial agent, kill the germs that come from sweat. It keeps the clean and hygienic for longer periods of time. Since ancient time turmeric has considered very healthy and considered protective towards any bacterial agent.


Some of the best health benefits of eucalyptus includes its ability to boost respiratory health, strengthen the immune system, protect skin health, ease tension and anxiety, lower blood sugar, eliminate inflammation, and fight against bacterial infection.


Pomegranate is used to balance the doshas (three energies believed to circulate in the body and govern physiological activity, their differing proportions determining individual temperament and physical constitution) and strengthens the heart. Pomegranate shells retain these qualities and are especially good to breathe. It is used for the treatment of throat infections, coughs and fevers because it has anti microbial properties.

Bunosilo believes in safer future and also trying to promote the sustainable fashion. The harmful synthetic dyes affects the delicate and sensitive skin your baby. Your babies always need some extra care and we are ready for it. Join our hand in promoting natural dyes because it’s slow, human, renewable and can be grown sustain-ably across the earth.

Words By- Shreeja Bhattacharya


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