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Making of gold plated metal jewellery

Making Of Gold Plated Metal Jewellery

Metalsmithing is the process or art of fabricating
metal into jewelry. It isn’t limited to precious
metals like gold, silver or platinum, but can be
done with copper, brass and bronze.

Jaipur, the pink city and the beautiful land of deep-rooted culture, heritage, forts and palaces is also rich in Indian textiles, crafts and jewelry. Bunosilo loves ancient heritage and exquisite jewelry, cherishes Jaipur as it imbibes the inherent part and parcel of Rajasthani rich culture handed down by the Rajput dynasty and still visible in the glimpses of the city.

(Source: jaipur.org, boloji.com)
The first picture shows the original ornate entrance to the inner sanctum of the Amber Fort, the second picture is of the Peacock Gate, City Palace, Jaipur.

Here we came across Dhora, a jewelry store that initially took its shape in Milano and came into full-fleged execution in Jaipur, in 2013.

The designer of Dhora, Avriti, grew up in the gem city of Jaipur and gathers her inspiration from the city as well as her family who is into jewelry making.

All the products are hand-crafted by a super-talented team, comprised of a number of artisans from Bengal. The process of metal handmade jewelry making involves a lot of patience, concentration and dedication that goes into each piece!

All the pieces go through numerous processes before the final product is ready. First, the hard metal is softened by heating it in the flame of a torch to make it malleable and easier to work with.

Next the metal is cut, the edges are filed to remove any sharp edges and methods like dapping/doming, raising, fold forming etc. are used to turn flat metal sheets into three-dimensional shapes for metal jewelry. Finally they are polished to create smooth pieces of handmade jewelry. Sometimes a desired finish, such as a matte or shiny look is given.

Bunosilo believes in keeping the traditional deep-rooted cultural essence alive and thus while most of the design inspiration comes from an old technique or just an old story that is picked up and revived, the designs also have a modern and global appeal. Being handcrafted, each piece is unique and has its own story to tell!

Words by Vanessa Fernandez


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