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Joys of childhood


Childhood is all about mischief, joy and innocence. Keeping alive the ‘fun spirit of a child’ in every design is not an easy task to achieve. Yet, Bunosilo featured Tiber Taber has been able to flawlessly create designs which lure the children as well as the parents.


A careful mix of a refined aesthetic with a playful spirit sums up Tiber Taber featured by Bunosilo. They create Indian culture inspired, well-made, beautiful kids' clothes like kurtas, suits, lehengas, shirts,dhotis,dresses and trousers for all of life’s adventures, big and small. The result is fashionable, yet timeless, baby and children’s clothing of the highest quality.


Cotton White Kurta Dhoti Set Hand Embroidered Krishna Murli


We spoke to the designer and here’s what she said: -

How did you come across the idea of kids clothing brand? How did the journey start?

It's been 5 years to have started Tiber Taber and in retrospect it's a lot that could be the starting of this journey. It was our friendship, seeing a co-founder in each other, and the josh to make something bigger than our own lives.

From where do you get the design ideas to not only lure the little ones but their parents too?

Umm… We keep making and remaking a design until we feel it’s too cute and fun just like the child who would put it on. But then that’s our attempt at making our  clothes look like the cutest child we can think of and hoping that the parents and children feel the same.

Hand Embroidered Kurta and Top Sets  


Can you tell us about your artisans who create the dresses?

We have an amazing Team at Tiber Taber. They are a bunch of experienced and elderly tailors, masters and embroiderers. Somehow, since the time we started we have had really senior people working with us and that has really helped us. They are much more patient, disciplined and skilled at what they do. Every piece is crafted by an expert Kareegar. In fact, for the longest time Ridhima and me were the youngest in our team. We sure had a lot of learning and now have our own jargon running. Almost all the time you hear around the workshop “ek saal ke 5 Haathi aur 2 oonth (camel) pack karne hai” . Five years down, now we have more younger talent on our team with fresh designers coming in.

Artisans of Tiber Taber


Since it’s a kid brand what all things do you keep in mind during the production? Are there any special method or any element in the making of your products which makes a difference?

Since we do majorly ethnic wear and in the non-blingy cottons, we are pushed and pulled by many of our business partners and sometimes even mom customers to make more party wear looking clothes but we are holding our grounds on what we stand for. We are very strict about using breathable and natural fabrics. Our silhouettes and fits are designed keeping comfort as the priority. For infants, we design garments that are easy to wear and take off, it saves the parent and the child a lot of hassle. Our embroideries are non-poky and soft, because kids don’t realize when they rub their hands-on clothes and the slightest abrasion could cause a scratch. We have developed our own standard size charts and patterns after a lot of research on body measurements. These are a few pointers and then we keep revising at the design stage until we feel we have reached the perfect blend of all these elements. That said, we know it's still a long way to go and we are learning and trying to improvise each day.



Does your childhood influence the designs you create?

Yes, very much. Our childhood memories are still so fresh and all of us miss going back to those playful and innocent times. Our childhood wasn’t about being perfect, it was all about having fun and learning new things every day. That’s all that we try to bring through our clothes, not perfection but honesty, sheer innocence and some mischief. You can also easily see the Panchatantra stories in our characters and the ethnic feel of our roots.

Hand Embroidered Kurta and Top Sets


How do you keep up with changing fashion trends?

We don’t. We don’t want to participate in the trends race. We plan our collections based on seasons and festivals, decide our themes and work on it. We let the theme and our technical aspects guide us into creating any design further.

Hand Embroidered Kurta and Top Sets


Each of your designs have a ‘desi’ touch, how do you keep it alive in all of your products?

Honestly, Dil hai Hindustani! We are born and brought up with this sense of pride in our culture and let that alone, the entire world turns to us for inspiration. We are such a diverse nation. This season we are doing a range of shirts based on the Mexican Oaxaca Art but on completely indigenous fabrics. So, it just flows through us. We can play along with other inspirations but Desi-ness is intrinsic.

Girls Yellow-pink Floral Angrakha Dhoti Set


If you could only tell one thing about your brand to the customers what would it be?

Let's build better humans through our children, a more connected and empathetic world for the coming day. Spend time with them, telling them stories and anecdotes and listening to them when they share theirs. In those stories, sneak in values, kindness and wisdom. That’s what Tiber Taber is about. We sell clothes but we create stories for children.

Hand Embroidered Kurta Dhoti Set Janmasthami Collection



Tiber Taber’ is a fun name, is there a story behind it? 

Well, the anatomy of the name goes as Taber which means child in the Rajasthani local dialect and Tiber that came along as a jolly good rhyming word. Since, we decided upon doing kids clothing and something that was as ‘desi’ (meaning indigenous in Hindi) and eccentric like ourselves, we came up with Tiber Taber. Almost naturally the rustic Indian vibe flows in when you say it the way we say it “Tibber Taaber

Hand Embroidered Kurta Sets Rakhi Collection


What are some obstacles that you had to face in order to make your brand a reality?

 What if I say none? Everything that came along the way built us. I think when you jump into doing something like a crazy believer, anything that comes in your way is only another feat achieved. The joy of doing what we wanted to do in spite of whatever the world says about the “two foolish girls” was beyond everything else. So, no obstacles that are big enough to be remembered or spoken about.

 Rakhi Collection


Tibber Taber featured by Bunosilo is designed around the needs of stylish mothers and their children with natural fabrics and clean contemporary designs. Style your little trendsetter for all occasions with its products and you’ll be more than happy to have shopped with this brand!



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