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Ikat – the traditional handloom

Ikat – The Traditional Handloom

Ikat- An exquisite pattern of  yarn dyeing technique has been in the home design world for decades. Nevertheless, some parts of Asia demonstrates strong Ikat traditions. Ikat involves a pattern of dyeing done with silk or cotton fabrics.

Bunosilo presents you their Ikat archives of  dresses, tops, skirts , tunics and handbags for women. Jackets,  kurtas, dresses, pants, shirts for children. Cushions,  blankets and quilts for your home.

Ikat   Patterns


Ikat patterns are dyed and binded into the threads before cloth is weaved. The tools required for carrying out the process are – Pick, scissors, dye vats, rubber bands, or other tying material to resist dye.

Working Process Of Ikat


Ikat  Clothing and  Accessories  for  Women

Women’s clothing needs a fine approach of mixed idea of tradition along with a modern touch. Bunosilo presents comfortable Ikat wear for women which is the perfect choice.

It includes maxi dresses, jackets, tops and dupattas. The outfits are handwoven and hand dyed by applying the traditional technique of Ikat.

Ikat Dresses, Tops, Jackets and Dupattas



Bunosilo holds their range of handbags, everyday bags, sling bags with Ikat designs handcrafted on them.

Ikat Printed Bags


Ikat  for Kidswear

Kidswear has always needed more imaginative and fun approach. Bunosilo presents their traditional collection of kidswear in Ikat. The Ikat archieves for children contains  jackets, kurtas, shirts, dresses, tops , rompers and pants.

Ikat Printed Dresses and Pants for Children


Ikat for Living Spaces

Home and living space items are best if they depict a simple yet vibrant nature. Bunosilo holds a range of living space items like quilted bedspreads , cushions which are handwoven  and hand dyed by applying the traditional Ikat technique.

Ikat Printed Cushions and  Quilted Bedspreads

The collection also includes Ikat printed  Table Cloths, Table Runners and Napkins

Ikat Printed Table Cloths, Runners and Napkins 



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