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How to : design your child's room

How To : Design Your Child's Room
A Kid’s Bedroom needs a fun and imaginative approach. The more playful and colourful it is, the more it makes your little child  happy. Looking for the best ways to design your child’s room?
Bunosilo brings you it’s collection of personalised and customized dohars, double and single bed sheets,  cushions, rugs , wall hangers, book ends, open boxes, wall arts, and play mats  for your child’s bedroom. They are creative and interesting.





A Touch Of Pink and White

Little girls have an innocent soul which just as pure as warm colours like pink and white . You can decorate your girl's room with Unicorn Bed Sheet, Dohar, Cushions for the bedding.  Butterfly Wall Frames, Bird Wall Hooks for the walls. Woollen Pink Carpet and White Open Box for the floors.





Cars and Buses
Fast and Furious cars always attract the attention of little boys. You can pair up the Busy Street Bus Bed Sheet , Bus Cushion and Dohar for the bedding. Car and Buses Wall Hooks and Bookends for the walls. Racing Car Carpet and Car pen box for the floors. These personalised and customized Busy Street Bed sheet and cushion will generally make your little boy in midst of his own car story.





Land Of Dinosaurs
Kids love dinosaurs as they are interesting and makes them feel adventurous. Pair up the Dino Mania Rug ,Dinosaur Bed sheet, Dinosaur Dohars, Open Boxes, Bookends, Wall Frames for your children’s room that will make them feel the adventurous effect of Jurassic Park.





Into The Blues
Little Toddlers need to dream about their own magical land. You can decorate your toddler's room with Blue Mini Bed Set and Blue Sheep Cushion for the bedding. Ship and Sail Wall Frames and Blue Star Wall Hooks for the Walls. Aeroplane Rug and Blue Fish Open Box for the floors.





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