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How to choose: the right rug for children

How To Choose: The Right Rug for Children


Children just love playing on the ground, so when you think about decorating your children’s room with a new rug, you know it will be a place where your children will spend a lot of happy moments.


Littlelooms rugs featured by Bunosilo definitely add an element of fun and whimsy to a nursery/ playroom. The carpets not only Aesthetically lift up a room but also stimulate the child's imagination through an array of designs and colours woven in them.

Pink Princess Rug



We spoke to the maker and here she told us how to choose the perfect rug for your little one.


What kind of weave is best for children?

It’s always Wise to choose handmade rugs instead of machine-made rugs . Quality is the most important consideration. Handmade rugs are much more durable than mass-produced machine-made rugs. Handmade rugs are usually made with natural materials such as cotton, wool or silk. These natural fibers last longer and release no harmful gasses into the environment over time.

Working Process of Little Looms Rugs


2) What kind of rugs are safe for children and easy to maintain ?

A woollen or a cotton rug is always a good choice as it’s plush and easy to clean. The rugs should be vacuumed regularly for maintenance .
A Wool rug is fire resistant and water-resistant. It even has antibacterial/microbial properties, making it a great choice for those suffering from asthma or allergies.


Pink Floral Kids Woolen Rug  and Pink Polka Woolen Rug


How should one place a rug that would fit properly into a child's room?

The size you’ll need for your nursery will depend on the size of the nursery and the set up.  A nursery area rug should either be big enough to anchor your major furniture pieces like the cot , rocking chair or a study or it should be small enough to sit independently under them. One can also use a smaller rug to highlight a specific item or area, such as the crib or create a cozy reading corner. 


Woolen Speaking Tree Rug



If you have a bigger space , then 2 or more coordinated rugs can be clubbed to accentuate different items or areas in a room. 

Its always good to choose a larger rug, ensuring that the front legs of your crib and other large furniture pieces overlap the carpet’s edge by at least a few inches. In that case the infant will be always safe as carpets have a shock absorber property and will take the impact if a child happens to falls by chance.

Dino Mania Rug  and Wheel Rug




How should one consider the surroundings of a room before choosing the right rug?

Before choosing a rug for your nursery, step back and ask yourself what’s missing from your design. Have you used enough colored and/or patterned elements? Can you point to a variety of texture? Once you’ve identified what’s lacking, try to fill in the gaps. If you’re working with a largely neutral palette, opt for bright coloured rug for an accent. If the room has bright coloured story with varied color furniture and accessories  , opt for a neutral base rug to balance the setting. Seeing a pastel monotone story in your room ;  Try breaking them up with a bold pattern in the rug . 

Puzzle Rug ,Race Car Kids Rug and Moby Giraffe Rug



5) How should one choose the colors of the rugs for girls room or boys room ?

Its a very personal choice ! The colour of the rugs mostly depends on the theme of the room. Mums while doing their kids nursery nowadays prefer neutral base rugs like greys and beiges with accents of colors like teal , blue , yellow etc.
Although most of the young girls have an affinity towards tones of pinks and Lilacs. Boys tend to like blues, reds and oranges in their rooms.
Many clients prefer neutral colors like Greys, yellows and oranges for the shared bedrooms of their siblings


Flamingo Rug and Champ Kids Rug




What kind of motives ranging from animals, cartoon characters or superheroes etc should one choose separately for girls, boys and others?

 For instance “Fast and Furious” rushing through  the young ones, boys love Race track carpets in their rooms to zip their cars on! Now playing hopscotch is fun even in the afternoon as you can play it with your friends or all alone right in your room. Young girls and their playdates can have loads of fun without stepping out. A choo choo train rug for the toddlers with colorful animals on it gives them great company and keep them engaged.

 Race Track Rug and Choo choo Train Rug




 How to add a little style along with a giving a fun approach to a kid's room?

Kids Rugs besides adding a dash of style and warmth to a kids room acts as a playground for children too. We have children’s rugs in all colors and playful designs to choose from . We also customize rugs in different sizes and design as per the theme of the room.

Madagascar Rug and  Woolen Car Rug



Which type of rugs act as a shock absorbent and are anti-allergic?

A Woolen rug  is fire resistant and water-resistant. It even has antibacterial properties  making it a great choice for those suffering from asthma or allergies.



Rocket Rug and Ballerina Rug



How should one maintain rugs in humid cities like Kolkata and Mumbai?  

During dry days, open the windows and let the fresh air and sunlight enter your rooms as it will cleanse the atmosphere inside the rooms and prevent from getting damp.

 Aeroplane Rug




How can your rugs stimulate the imagination of a young child?

Children believe in magic and their imagination leaves us amazed. Little Looms believes in spreading the positivity so we give fodder to these fantasies. We make princess rugs, unicorn shaped, lego rugs, Superhero rugs and many more.

Bugs Rug



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