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Farm to fashion ecological cotton

Farm to fashion ecological Cotton

With love from “farm to fashion”,

Imagine a piece of cloth, which is fresh in look, brings you one step close to the nature, woven delicately which makes a weaver smile and promises to be ethical and ecological.

Isn’t worth to buy? Just think for a while…

Far away from the hustle bustle of city a brand based out of Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. Launched in the year 2009, it is one of India's first Eco-Logic & Sustainable fashion brands! The fashion brand from Appachi cotton offers products crafted from 100% certified organic cotton and silk; elegantly hand woven by rural artisans.

"Ecologic Cotton" is a branded fibre from Appachi Eco-logic Cotton ( Pvt) Ltd.In this project, the cultivation of high quality cotton is subject to environmentally friendly processes. As a result, small Indian farmers participating in the project learn how to protect their health as well as the environment whilst additionally increasing their cotton yield. A guaranteed purchase of their cotton contributes to improving the small farmers’ living conditions.

Decades ago, clothes were built to last and styles were timeless. These days, fabrics are cheap, fads are passing, and the realities of our disposable wardrobes are stark. But clothing made with self-proclaimed sustainable or eco-friendly fabrics are not the only aspect of making a green garment, despite clearly being an important component of evolving your wardrobe.

ETHICUS is a sustainable brand, based while working closely with the local skills of the area, they create some of the finest of the fabrics using home grown Eco-logic cotton. The traditional handloom weaving at their studio is a fusion of a unique blend of traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics. Using innovative weaves & creating fine textiles on the in-house handlooms, their mantra is to revive the age old craft of handloom weaving of the area to make the fabric for the future.

The artesian involves in various process

The ethicus product is a tale and which the weaver weaves into a fabric. Behind every product you will find a beautiful story which is truly beautiful.


For a weaver, the Handloom is like ‘religion’. The art of weaving is more of a world of worship, than just being his means of livelihood.

Master weaver from our Mr. Prakash ETHICUS team spends hours on the loom winding the cotton yarn for the setup at the weaving studio in Pollachi. While counting each thread to create the perfect width on the loom, he further weaves a beautiful blanket which is a symbol of the revival of one of our age old textile traditions!

Mr. Prakash involved in various process of making the product

As an extension to the ETHICUS product range, the revival of what they traditionally call the “dupatti” in Tamil Nadu, today has been introduced as a contemporary blanket or throw.The use of minimalistic lines have been designed using natural dyed Indigo blue and Maddar Red as accents, to complement the natural white of the color of cotton.Perfect for an Indian climate, this hand-woven fabric is soft and breathable. Be it a singlebed cover or a throw, this multipurpose product has its versatile uses.

We at Bunosilo love the cotton trail from Gods own country of Ethicus, creating harmony with the environment and allowing them to grow cotton in traditional way is simply amazing. Empowering the weavers and educating them is truly commendable.

Words by- Shreeja Bhattacharya


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