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In our latest Meet The Maker interview, the brainchild behind Dhora India, Aavriti Jain, answers us in a rapid fire about her views of a Bold and Beautiful woman. Read on to know more!

1. What is your definition of a Bold and Beautiful woman?

A woman who stays true to her head and heart, speaks her mind and is comfortable within her skin is bold for me. For me a beautiful woman is someone who is kind, humble and loves herself. She stays true to every human.

2. How well do you feel your collection goes with our theme?

All our pieces are individual pieces and not a part of a collection. We believe in individuality and giving equal time to every piece. Dhora woman is fearless, compassionate and free spirited just like your theme.

3. Who is your ideal Bold and Beautiful woman?

It will be my mom. She inspired me everyday in so many ways. I wonder how she maintains her calm in every storm.

4. What is your message to all the Bold and Beautiful women out there?

Have the courage to walk your own walk and talk your own talk. Stay true to yourself and have fun with life.


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