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India's heritage: through the hands of local artisans

India's Heritage: Through the Hands of Local Artisans

"The hands of a craftsman engaged in his craft is always pure "

                                                                                                     - Manu


Diwali is a celebration of life, joy and happiness. Every  year during Diwali we get to witness hundreds of rural artisans selling beautiful handmade products  all across the streets of India. The artisanal products are available in exquisite styles and variations which not only signify the rich heritage but also holds  the dedication of a human being behind it.


Artisans selling Local Products



They create Diyas, Lamps, Decors and Idols etc entirely through manual process. Each and every design is a signature item that signifies the tradition that has been going on through ages.
But with the advent of artificial Chinese lights in the Indian market we have almost forgotten about them. The artificial lights have conquered the rural market with a sweep thereby making the indigenous industry suffer a great amount of loss. The artificial Chinese lights are more attractive and durable in nature which makes the consumer choose them over the handmade ones.


Generations getting involved in the Business



Our father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi envisioned the prevalence of small scale and rural industries in India. His philosophy was based on adoption of need based consumption so that the genuine need of others  are also satisfied. He led movements in developing the rural sector as he tried to tell Indians that  only if we acknowledge our creative past, we would definitely  be successful in the future.


Making Process of Diyas



India’s rural  artisans needs our help. They need to be acknowledged of their creativity.  By buying a single diya we could help the entire industry grow bit by bit and recover it’s lost glory. By supporting the artisanal products not only do we save the heritage, we also help to keep alive the livelihood of hundreds of people. Purchasing art from a local artist or craftwork from a local artisan, is not only supportive to the local community, but you can explore art and gain a deeper understanding of their value and importance.


Making Process of Diyas



Families of these artisans live their lives in our patronage of their products. They dedicate their time and lives to make our homes look beautiful during the festivals. Don't you think we should try to uplift their hard work? Imported artificial substitutes should not destroy the hope and  dedication of a craftsman.


Beautiful Earthen Diyas in Diwali



A Diya is not just an item, it’s an emblem of Emotion. We must keep our culture and heritage alive as per the visions of the Mahatma.
So  let us celebrate by supporting our artisans who help us light up the darkness  during Diwali.
You can find beautiful handmade and handcrafted artisanal products for your Diwali on your very own Bunosilo. The exquisite collection includes handcrafted diyas, lamps, lightings for Diwali which promotes the creativity of our artisans and will help you decorate your home beautifully during Diwali.



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