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    Posted by Bunosilo on 28.12.2016

    We at Bunosilo are extremely fortunate to work with so many exceptional collections handcrafted by talented artists. We are especially excited to be collaborating with Razia Kunj, the artist whose creations are pieces of art and a riot of colours. For the launch of the Bunosilo- Razia Kunj collaboration, we caught up with Razia to hear more about her inspiration behind this “Theyyam Collection” and what other ideas she has for future collections.

    Can you talk about your inspiration for the Theyyam collection?

    In my travels through kerala. I was struck by the uniqueness of the mystry that surrounds theyyam. The idea that a lowly peasant is a God during the theyyam ritual and that everybody seeks his blessings was a revelation to me that and the fact combined with the different forms of theyyam there are said to more than 100 forms of theyyams. The theyyam costumes just like the katakali costumes seemed not to belong to this world.

    Would you describe yourself as a world Traveller? How does your love of travel get worked into your designs?

    Travel broadens the mind, the more i see the more i get inspired. The more i seek the more i find.
    There is so much beauty in front of our eyes hidden only by dimension.

    Artisan during the jewellery making process. PC: Razia Kunj

    Can you describe your workspace? Number of artisans involved, how you are supporting artisans and encouraging Indian Craftsmanship?

    Coming from advertising and design i am surrounded with artists and art. I love being surrounded by artists there is so much to learn from each other.  I work with sculptors, with ethnic artisans like patwas on designs that require specialised skills.

    What disciplines generally influence your creativity?

    it is difficult to slot creativity and art into a tight discipline. Having said with an art background there is always an influence of light and shade, colours and hues, perspective and dimension in everything you create.
    What are you looking to explore in future collections?
    I will continue to travel down the road of india with its myriad stories, folklore, customs and rituals and traditions.
    If you weren’t designing and creating Jewelry, what would you be doing?
    Right from the time i was out of art college i have been.Designing logos, packaging and space for 20years. Now i am designing jewllery, and its just the beginning.

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     Words by Razia Kunj