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  • Block Printing Contemporary Styles- Eachneri

    Posted by Bunosilo on 15.12.2016

    Hand block Printed collection by Eachaneri shows the beauty of motifs/blocks used in a manner to break the monotony of regular block print designs. These pieces are made into contemporary styles, using the age old technique old Block Printing. The irregularities in these prints make them unique. They aim at Re-using old and existing geometrical blocks and making new designs.

    An image showing the unique way in which the blocks are reused in multiple patterns
    PC: Eachneri

    Through their work they strive to spread the word of the craft and culture and to provide sustainable livelihood to that all the artisans in the rural n urban areas. These are the people who give their very best to make and create such beautiful products for the People of India & the world. Each garment has a soul and immense amount of craftsmanship is involved in creating each and every piece out of this collection.

    An artisan during the Block Printing process. PC: Eachneri

    Eachaneri wants to spread the love for Art & Craft through their unique and exquisite designs using handmade materials. Eachaneri defines love for Clothing, Nature & Craft with a touch of comfort, simplicity & uniqueness. It interprets old aesthetics using local material and skills, taking inspiration from rural India and what surrounds us. Eachaneri loves indulging work with creative designs in collaboration with Artist, Artisans and Handcrafted Indian textiles. We have a platform that collaborates with different cultures and their various crafts while working with their masters. Eachaneri does not support any materials or process, which are not natural and not good for the Environment. Their motto being: Be Real Be Pure!

    An image showing the colour swatches and colour palette of the collection.PC:Eachneri

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